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Walking the Path of Complicated Grief
The third wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic has emphasized the extensive amount of complicated grief that people are experiencing. This twelve session webinar series will focus on the latest research and clinical interventions on complicated grief as it relates to COVID-19. The focus of the webinar series will be to give participants practical tools that will help people work through their complicated grief.

The following topics will be covered in the first ten sessions:
- Current information of complicated grief as it applies to COVID-19.
- What do I do if this work brings up my past complicated grief?
- Assessing complicated grief.
- Looking at the multi layers of complicated grief.
- Unresolved grief issues – The effect on Complicated Grief.
- Nurturing Our Workplace - Practical suggestions when our workplaces is suffering from complicated grief.
- Complicate grief altering a person’s world view.
- Working with a person who has a shattered sense of meaning and purpose.
- How complicated grief affects children, adolescence, young adults, and older adults.
- Practical ways of working with intense suffering.
- Grief Models that work when dealing with complicated grief.
- When complicated grief affects a person’s spirituality (Vital Breath).
- When complicated grief turns into secondary trauma and vicarious trauma.
- Facilitating a Complicated Grief Group.
- Providing a personal and work environment that will sustain the work of complicated grief.

There will be two more sessions (in September and October) that will be used to explore questions, concerns, or case review that participants may have as they use these added tools and skills as they companion people with complicated grief.

There is a registration fee of $300 + HST. Registration links are intended for individual use. All registrants will receive a certificate of participation.
Oct 6, 2021 12:00 PM
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